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Through the generosity of Steve & Eileen Brooks and their son Matt, Duke football will enjoy a new first-class field. With the track removed and relocated to its own facility, the new football-only grass field will bring fans closer to the action. By dropping the field level five feet and adding bleacher seats to the east, west and north field levels of the stadium, the upgrade will create a more intimate experience for the fans and the players competing on the field. The new field will feature the best in drainage, turf, and infrastructure to allow the Blue Devils to safely compete against the best teams in the nation.
Thank you for your interest in this part of our campaign. Duke Athletics has secured a naming donor in this area.


“At Duke, excellence is
the standard! As a football
program, we are committed to
those values. I am passionate
about this transformational
effort. We are Duke!”
-Coach David Cutcliffe

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